About Me

Helping organizations create beautiful and functional web tools brings me joy.
I thrive helping social enterprises and individuals bring their vision to life; always ready for a technological problem to solve.
I’ve worked for over a decade building websites and providing IT support to nonprofit organizations, research teams and individuals.  I complement my skills by working with illustrators and web developers to provide a full spectrum of services in a fast and affordable way. WordPress is my tool of choice because it is user friendly and community generated, giving my clients the option to independently manage and update their websites.
Professionally I work as a researcher and curriculum developer in the field of agroecology. Since I build websites on the side, I can be selective and choose aligned organizations and projects. I specialize on scientific websites and learning technology such as distance education to build off my undergraduate focus in science education.


Website Design
Learning Management Systems
WordPress Website development
Web Maintenance
Site speed optimization
Plugin Development
Logos and Banners
Mapping and GIS

Degrees and Training:
  • Self taught web tech from a lineage of software developers (3rd generation)
  •  B.S in Conservation Resource Studies~ emphasis on Science Education. University of California, Berkeley